KallMeKris Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Height, Education, Career, Awards and Nomination 2024

KallMeKris Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Height, Education, Career, Awards and Nomination 2024
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Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins, popularly known as KallMeKris, is a well-known Canadian social media influencer and hairstylist residing in British Columbia.

She is recognized for her short skits that typically last between thirty seconds to a minute.

Collins made her debut on TikTok in April 2020 and has amassed an impressive following of 50.6 million as of April 2024, establishing her as the most followed TikToker hailing from Canada and ranking 27th globally.

Additionally, her YouTube channel, which she initiated in 2020, boasts 11 million subscribers as of April 2024.

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Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins

July 1, 1996 (age 27)

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater University of the Fraser Valley
  • Social media personality
  • comedian
  • actress
  • hairdresser
Years active 2014–present
TikTok information
  • 50.6 million (Kris HC)
  • 12.2 million (kallmewhateveryouwant)
  • 2.3 billion (Kris HC)
  • 179.4 million (kallmewhateveryouwant)
YouTube information
Years active 2020–present
  • Comedy
  • vlog
  • reaction
Subscribers 11 million
Total views 2.8 billion
100,000 subscribers 2020
1,000,000 subscribers 2021
10,000,000 subscribers 2023
Last updated: April 15, 2024

Early Life

Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins was born on July 1, 1996 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

Raised in a conservative family, she is the second-oldest of three sisters and two brothers. Collins aspired to pursue a career in stand-up comedy from a young age.

Growing up in a large family, she felt the need to stand out and gain attention, leading her to discover comedy as a means of self-expression.

“I wanted to find a way to shine within the family and perhaps receive some attention… by making jokes, and sometimes being a bit of a troublemaker so my parents would take notice.”


Collins embarked on her TikTok journey on April 9, 2020, by creating her account and sharing her first video on the same day.

This initial video featured a lip-sync performance to a line from the movie Step Brothers, spoken by John C. Reilly.

Initially, her content revolved around lip-syncing and clips inspired by her family and childhood.

As time progressed, her TikToks evolved to include comedic skits where she portrayed various recurring characters.

Notably, she gained popularity for her personas such as a vampire-obsessed 12-year-old version of herself, a Boston bro-dude named Chad, a fed-up mom, and a tiny-handed toddler, as highlighted by The Netline.

Additionally, Collins also engages in vlogs and reaction videos on her YouTube channel. Over the years, she has collaborated with companies like Amazon, Lionsgate, and Pantene.

Red Bull even offered her a lifetime supply of their product and flew her to the top of a mountain in British Columbia to celebrate reaching 10 million followers.

In 2021, Forbes recognized her as the fifth highest-earning TikToker, with earnings amounting to $4.75 million.

On March 10, 2022, she appeared on Breakfast Television.

During her interview, Collins expressed her desire to pursue acting, stating, “I truly aspire for this to serve as a stepping stone, as I aim to venture into the traditional realm of television and perhaps even movies.”

Collins participated in VidCon 2022, which took place at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 22-25, 2022. This event marked the first VidCon since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Collins featured in the music video for Nickelback’s song “San Quentin,” which was released on September 14, 2022.

On November 18, 2022, Collins joined Nickelback on stage in Sayreville, New Jersey, to perform their song “Rockstar” together.

In February 2023, Collins launched her own clothing brand called “Otto By Kris”. She also served as a presenter at the 2023 Juno Awards, where she contributed to the promotion of Nickelback’s induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

The awards ceremony occurred on March 13, 2023. On May 5, 2023, it was announced that Collins would star in a web series titled “Ginormo!”. The series, created by Ken Mok and Steven He, premiered on May 12, 2023.

Collins attended VidCon 2023 and documented her experience through vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Furthermore, she received a Streamy award nomination in the Comedy category for the 13th Annual Streamy Awards.

Personal Life

Collins and her ex-boyfriend, Aaron, first met at a barbecue gathering in 2015 and were in a relationship for a span of six years.

However, in late 2021, Collins confirmed through TikTok that they had ended their romantic involvement.

Despite the breakup, she emphasized that they remained close friends but had simply grown apart over time.

Collins also opened up about her mental health struggles in a YouTube video posted in May 2021.

During a YouTube Q&A session in 2021, Collins was asked about her affiliation with the LGBTQ community.

In response, she expressed that she considered herself both a member and an ally.

She explained that she had never felt the need to label herself and that she loved people regardless of their gender, whether they were female, male, or anything else.

While some might categorize her as pansexual, she clarified that she didn’t personally identify with any specific label.

On April 26, 2023, Collins shared a video where she discussed her unsettling experiences with being stalked.

She recounted incidents such as drones intruding into her backyard and unknown individuals approaching her front door.

Due to the invasion of her privacy and concerns for her safety, she made the decision to relocate to a new place.

In November 2023, Collins revealed that she was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber, oompaville.


Year Title Role Notes
2014 Into the Storm Family of Graduate uncredited
TBA Bad Haircut TBA upcoming
TBA Sicklerville TBA upcoming
Year Title Role Notes
NA Riverdale NA Hairdressing
2022 Kids in the Hall YMCA Group Leader
Year Title Role Notes
2022 ADXM Woman in Red Short film
2023 Ginormo! Lady Spigh 6 episodes
Music videos
Year Title Role Notes
2022 “San Quentin” by Nickelback Herself

Awards and nominations

Streamy Awards

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2022 Kallmekris Breakout creator Nominated
Kallmekris Comedy Nominated
Sam and Colby, Kallmekris, Celina SpookyBoo – Our Unexplainable Night at Crescent Hotel Collaboration Nominated
2023 Kallmekris Comedy Nominated



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