Warren Zaire-Emery Biography: Age, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Career 2024 

Who is Warren Zaire-Emery? Warren Zaire-Emery is one of the most outstanding faces of PSG’s academy. A teenager well known for his subtle techniques on the football pitch. As a dynamic midfielder with a flair for goals, Warren has excelled at every level both in his club and international career.

Warren Zaire-Emery came to public attention after he strongly assisted his country’s national team in winning the Under-17s European Championship in June 2021 and ever since then, he has been a force to reckon with in the sports of football.  The youngster’s skills and abilities know no limits.  

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In fact, he has advanced through the club ranks and this year began to receive regular minutes. Zaire-Emery solidifies his identity as the youngest-ever player to get the game underway in a Champions League knockout round against the ultimate Bayern Munich. 

Bio Data 


Full Name  Warren Zaire-Emery
Birth Date March 8, 2006 
Birth Place  Montreuil, France 
Nationality  French 
Ethnicity  Martiniquais
Religion  Christianity 
Height/Weight  1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches)/68 kilograms 
Occupation  French Footballer 
Alma Mater  Not Available 
Girlfriend  Not Available 
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Net Worth  $1 million 

Early Life & Educational Background 

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Warren Zaire-Emery was born on March 8, 2006, in Montreuil, France with little to no details concerning his upbringing and educational background yet to be unfolded. However, some sources claim that Warren completed his primary school education in his hometown before venturing into football full-time as a teenager.  

Warren’s father, Frank Emery, was also a professional football player. He had played with Red Star in Seine-Saint-Denis and later retired as a coach. While information about his mother’s career is yet to be provided, she remained supportive of Warren’s career providing him love, care, and attention.  

Information has it that his father was of Aubervilliers, while his mother’s roots trace back to Martinique. Luckily, Warren’s father contributed heavily to what he has become in recent times. It is believed that his father influenced him to become a football player which has made him accrued huge popularity. 

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Some of the questions people frequently ask on the internet concerning the PSG superstar football player Warren Zaire-Emery point to his romantic affair. These include questions like: is Warren Zaire-Emery married? Who is Warren Zaire-Emery’s partner? Does Warren Zaire-Emery have a girlfriend? And so on. 

Unfortunately, the truth is that Warren Zaire-Emery manages to keep his romantic life away from the media and the public eye.  That being said, at this moment we really can’t tell who Warren is dating or whether or not he even has a girlfriend.  However, we are still searching for information concerning this regard so stay tuned.  

Height, Weight, and Age 

How tall is Warren Zaire-Emery? How much does he weigh? How old is he? Don’t worry you will get your answers in this section. In 2023, Warren clocked 17 years. He was born on March 8, 2006, in Montreuil, France to his parents Mr. Frank Emery and Mrs. Gessie Zaire. Concerning his height and weight, he stands at an impressive height of about 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and approximately weighs around 78 kilograms. 


As a young superstar, Warren tries as much as possible to keep his personal life out of the public. He is mainly focused on improving his career and addressing issues all by himself and in worse cases with members of his family. 

His parents Gessie Zarie (mother) and Frank Emery (father) played pivotal roles in influencing the remarkable journey of his football career. Unfortunately, aside from mentioning that his father was once a football player we currently do not have any information about his both parents as their details are not readily available.  


Whether or not Warren has siblings remains a secret. As for now, we are yet to find details about his other relatives as they remain a secret at the moment. However,  regardless of the limited information concerning his personal life, and family Warren holds the title of being the youngest goal scorer and one of the most outstanding players in PSG. 


Numerous questions have been asked pointing to Warren’s faith. However, from our research, we found out that Warren Zaire-Emery is a Christian.  His parents are strong believers in the Christian faith. He has said that his faith has helped shape his life and has made him stay focused on his goals. 

Since he tries to stay off the media many of his fans and followers have questioned his lifestyle. But the truth is that Warren has low-key contributed and made donations to several charitable causes which for him aligns with his belief as a born-again Christian. 

Style of Playing 

Warren Zaire-Emery is best known as a defensive midfielder with a good-looking physique and remarkable bodily movement techniques. Warren is both good at delivering clean passes, launching the plays, and providing support to his teammates on the pitch. 

To him, it is always business when it comes to playing the ball.  In addition, he is also good at reading the game, which has attracted him to the description of being a player with a very mature personality playing more like a player in his early twenties.  


According to, between 2022/2023 Warren earns on average €4,808 per week and €250,000 in annual revenue from his career as a footballer which further propels his success financially as one of the youngest richest athletes in the world.  

Net Worth 

While Warren Zaire-Emery has not openly confirmed rumors about his net worth, most sources claim that he is estimated to be worth anywhere around $1 million. According to Transfermarkt,  Warren is valued to be worth €6 million based on market evaluation. He has made a great fortune from his career as a professional footballer. 

Social Media Handles 

With an impressive 841k followers on Instagram alone, Warren is an ardent user of social media which he uses to engage with his fans and posts pictures of himself, and memorable moments shared with loved ones. 

He has also managed to boost his Twitter follower base to 16k and still counting at the time of writing this post.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Warren has an account on Facebook yet, but you can find numerous fan pages and groups bearing his name.

Career Highlights 


Current Team  Paris Saint Germain 
Jersey Number  33
Youth Career  2011 – 2014 (Aubervillers) 

2014 – 2022 (Paris Saint Germain) 

Position(s)  Midfielder

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