Emma Stone Biography 2024: Age, Relationship, Height, Net Worth, Family, Education, Background, Career, Awards and Nomination

Emily Stone, also known as Emma Stone, was born on November 6, 1988. She is an American actress and producer who has received numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards, two British Academy Film Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards. In 2017, she was the highest-paid actress in the world and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

Stone, who was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, began her acting career as a child in a theater production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000.

As a teenager, she moved to Los Angeles and made her television debut in In Search of the New Partridge Family (2004), a reality show that only resulted in an unsold pilot.

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After appearing in small television roles, she went on to star in a series of popular teen comedy films like Superbad (2007), Zombieland (2009), and Easy A (2010), which marked Stone’s first leading role.

Following these successes, she appeared in the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) and the period drama The Help (2011), gaining wider recognition for her role as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and its 2014 sequel.

Stone received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress for her performances as a recovering drug addict in Birdman (2014) and as Abigail Masham in Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite (2018).

Emily Jean Stone

November 6, 1988 (age 35)

  • Actress
  • producer
Years active 2004–present
Organization Fruit Tree
Works Full list

(m. 2020)

Children 1
Awards Full list

She won two Academy Awards for Best Actress for her roles as an aspiring actress in the romantic musical La La Land (2016) and as a resurrected suicide victim in Lanthimos’ fantasy film Poor Things (2023).

Additionally, she has appeared in the dark comedy miniseries Maniac (2018) and The Curse (2023), and played the title role in the crime comedy Cruella (2021).

On Broadway, Stone starred as Sally Bowles in a revival of the musical Cabaret (2014–2015).

In 2020, she and her husband, Dave McCary, established the production company Fruit Tree, through which they have produced the films When You Finish Saving the World (2022) and Problemista (2023).

Early Life and Education

Stone was brought into the world in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Jeffrey Charles Stone, the originator and CEO of a general-contracting organization, and Krista Jean Stone (née Yeager), a homemaker.

From the ages of 12 to 15, she resided on the premises of the Camelback Inn resort.

She is blessed with a younger sibling named Spencer. Her paternal grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten, hailed from a Swedish family that changed their surname to Stone. Additionally, she possesses German, English, Scottish, and Irish heritage.

During her infancy, Stone experienced baby colic and cried frequently, leading to the development of nodules and calluses on her vocal cords during childhood. She has described herself as “loud” and “bossy” while growing up.

Stone received her education at Sequoya Elementary School and attended Cocopah Middle School for sixth grade. Despite not enjoying school, she ensured she achieved all A’s due to her controlling nature.

As a child, she struggled with panic attacks and anxiety, which she believes affected her social skills. Stone sought therapy for her issues, but credits her involvement in local theater productions as the key to overcoming her attacks. She Recalled

The first time I had a panic attack I was sitting in my friend’s house, and I thought the house was burning down. I called my mom and she brought me home, and for the next three years it just would not stop. I would go to the nurse at lunch most days and just wring my hands. I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to be, then ask again 30 seconds later. I just needed to know that no one was going to die and nothing was going to change

Stone had a passion for acting from a very young age. Initially, she aspired to have a career in sketch comedy, but later shifted her focus to musical theater. She dedicated several years to taking vocal lessons to enhance her skills.

At the age of 11, she made her acting debut in a stage production of The Wind in the Willows, where she portrayed the character of Otter.

Stone was homeschooled for a period of two years, during which she actively participated in 16 productions at Phoenix’s Valley Youth Theatre.

Some notable performances include The Princess and the Pea, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Additionally, she was part of the theater’s improvisational comedy troupe.

During this time, Stone traveled to Los Angeles and attempted to audition for a role on Nickelodeon’s All That, but unfortunately, she was not successful.

In order to further develop her acting skills, her parents arranged for private acting lessons with a local coach who had previous experience working at the William Morris Agency in the 1970s.

Stone enrolled at Xavier College Preparatory, an all-girl Catholic high school, during her freshman year.

However, she made the decision to drop out after just one semester in order to pursue a career in acting. To convince her parents to support her move to California, Stone created a PowerPoint presentation titled “Project Hollywood,” which featured Madonna’s 2003 song “Hollywood.”

In January 2004, she relocated to Los Angeles with her mother and they settled into an apartment. Stone diligently auditioned for various shows on the Disney Channel, hoping to secure a role as the daughter in a sitcom.

Despite her efforts, she was not successful in landing any of the roles. During the gaps between auditions, Stone took online high-school classes and also worked part-time at a bakery that specialized in dog treats.


Stone’s television debut occurred on the VH1 talent competition reality show In Search of the New Partridge Family (2004), where she portrayed Laurie Partridge.

The show was later renamed The New Partridge Family (2004), but unfortunately, it did not get picked up. Following this, Stone made a guest appearance on Louis C.K.’s HBO series Lucky Louie.

She also tried out for the role of Claire Bennet in the NBC science fiction drama Heroes (2007), but was not successful, which she later referred to as her lowest point.

In April 2007, she played the character Violet Trimble in the Fox action drama Drive, but the show was canceled after only seven episodes.

Stone’s first feature film role was in Greg Mottola’s comedy Superbad (2007), alongside Michael Cera and Jonah Hill.

The film revolves around two high school students who encounter a series of comedic mishaps while attempting to buy alcohol for a party.

In order to portray Hill’s love interest, Stone dyed her hair red. Although a reviewer for The Hollywood Reporter found her to be “appealing,” they believed her character was poorly written.

Stone has described her experience of acting in her debut film as “amazing” but also “very different” from her subsequent experiences.

Superbad was a commercial success and earned Stone the Young Hollywood Award for Exciting New Face.

Stone provided the voice for an Australian Shepherd in Marmaduke (2010), a comedy directed by Tom Dey based on Brad Anderson’s comic strip of the same name.

Her big break came in the same year when she starred in Easy A, a teen comedy directed by Will Gluck.

The film, partially inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, follows the story of Olive Penderghast (Stone), a high school student caught up in a humorous sex scandal due to a false rumor about her promiscuity.

Stone was drawn to the script early on, finding it refreshingly different and unique. She expressed her interest in the project to Gluck even before production began.

Stone’s performance in the film was highly praised by critics, with Anna Smith of Time Out commending her for a terrific portrayal that balanced intellect, indifference, and warmth.

Easy A was not only a critical success but also a commercial one, grossing $75 million against an $8 million budget.

Stone’s performance earned her nominations for a BAFTA Rising Star Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, and she won the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance.

In 2014, Stone returned to the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. She expressed her belief that her character was not reliant on the film’s main character, stating: “She saves him more than he saves her.

She’s incredibly helpful to Spider-Man … He’s the muscle, she’s the brains.” Critics praised her performance; an Empire reviewer lauded her for shining in the movie, saying, “Stone is the Heath Ledger of this series, doing something unexpected with an easily dismissed supporting character.”

Stone’s portrayal earned her the Favorite Movie Actress award at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards. Later that year, she appeared in Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Magic in the Moonlight, which achieved moderate commercial success.

A. O. Scott criticized her role and her pairing with Colin Firth, labeling it as “the kind of pedantic nonsense that is meant to signify superior intellect.”

The final film release of 2014 for Stone was the black comedy Birdman, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Starring alongside Michael Keaton and Edward Norton, Stone portrayed the character of Sam Thomson, the daughter of actor Riggan Thomson (played by Keaton) who is in recovery from addiction and becomes his assistant.

Iñárritu drew inspiration from his own experience with his daughter to create this character. Birdman received critical acclaim and was the most successful film at the 87th Academy Awards, earning nine nominations and winning four, including Best Picture.

Stone’s performance in the movie was praised by The Movie Network as one of her best to date, and Robbie Collin of The Daily Telegraph described her as “superb” and “tremendous” in her role.

Collin also highlighted Stone’s impactful monologue in the film, which he compared to a knitting needle piercing the gut.

Stone’s outstanding performance garnered nominations for prestigious awards such as the Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards.

In 2020, Stone and her spouse, Dave McCary, established the production company Fruit Tree.

Their initial endeavor was the independent film When You Finish Saving the World, which served as Jesse Eisenberg’s directorial debut.

The movie had its premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and received moderate reviews. Following this, the company released the comedy Problemista, helmed by Julio Torres.

It made its debut at the 2023 South by Southwest festival and was originally slated for release in the same year. However, due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, its release was postponed.

Both films were created in collaboration with A24.

Stone continued her collaboration with Lanthimos, appearing in his short film Bleat (2022) and feature film Poor Things (2023).

Poor Things, a fantasy coming-of-age film, is based on Alasdair Gray’s novel of the same name. Stone not only starred in the film but also served as a producer.

In the movie, she portrayed Bella, a young Victorian woman who is resurrected after her suicide. Playing a character free from societal pressures was a liberating experience for Stone, who fearlessly embraced nudity and performed several sex scenes.

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter praised Stone’s performance, noting her ability to effortlessly navigate an expansive character arc and excel in physical comedy.

Stephanie Zacharek of Time described Stone’s performance as “wonderful—vital, exploratory, almost lunar in its perfect oddness”.

Stone’s involvement in the entertainment industry extended beyond acting.

She took on the role of executive producer and starred in the satirical comedy series The Curse, which aired on Showtime.

In the show, Stone portrayed Whitney, an influencer who co-hosts an HGTV program with her husband.

BBC Culture’s Caryn James recognized Stone’s achievements, stating that she had transcended Hollywood stardom and established herself as a serious artists.

Stone’s exceptional performances in Poor Things and The Curse garnered her two additional Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress.

She emerged victorious in the Best Actress category for Poor Things, solidifying her talent and earning critical acclaim.

Furthermore, Stone’s portrayal in Poor Things earned her a second Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Actress, along with a nomination for Best Picture.

In 2024, the Sundance Film Festival showcased two movies created by Stone for Fruit Tree: the horror film I Saw the TV Glow and Eisenberg’s second directorial project, A Real Pain.

Following this, Stone is set to collaborate with Lanthimos in the anthology film Kinds of Kindness.

Personal Life

Stone relocated from Los Angeles to Greenwich Village, New York, in 2009, but later returned to Los Angeles in 2016.

Despite attracting significant media attention, she maintains her privacy and chooses not to discuss her personal life publicly. Stone dislikes the intrusion of paparazzi outside her home and strives to live a normal life.

She has a deep passion for her profession and considers Diane Keaton as one of her acting influences, admiring her ability to maintain a low profile.

Stone values her close relationship with her family and acknowledges their support in keeping her grounded. She acknowledges her blessings, stating that she is fortunate to have a great family and a strong support system to keep her grounded.

Stone had a romantic relationship with her co-star Kieran Culkin from the film “Paper Man” for two years. Following that, she began dating her co-star Andrew Garfield from “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2011, and their relationship lasted for four years.

Although their relationship was widely speculated in the media, Stone and Garfield chose not to publicly address it, although they did make public appearances together.

In 2014, during an event in New York City, Stone and Garfield used their platform to encourage paparazzi to visit websites that raise awareness for causes such as autism. In 2015, it was reported that they had ended their relationship.

Stone entered into a romantic relationship with Dave McCary, a segment director for Saturday Night Live, in 2017. They got engaged in December 2019 and tied the knot the following year.

By January 2021, news broke that they were expecting their first child. In March 2021, they welcomed a baby girl into their family.

It has been revealed that Stone has asthma, a condition she discovered while filming Easy A due to breathing difficulties.

Additionally, her mother successfully battled triple-negative breast cancer in 2008. To commemorate her mother’s victory over cancer, Stone and her mother got matching tattoos of birds’ feet, inspired by a design from Paul McCartney and a nod to their shared love for the Beatles song “Blackbird”.


Stone was featured in a Revlon campaign that aimed to raise awareness for breast cancer. In 2011, she participated in a joint video by Star Wars and Stand Up to Cancer to generate funds for cancer research.

Two years later, she attended an event organized by Gilda’s Club, an organization dedicated to a similar cause.

From 2012 to 2014, she took on the role of host for the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Revlon Run/Walk, which supports the fight against women’s cancer.

In addition, Stone joined three other notable figures at the 2012 Nickelodeon HALO Awards, a television special that highlighted the achievements of four teenagers who are making a difference by helping and leading others (HALO).

She also participated in the 2014 Earth Hour, a global movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature to advocate for the planet.

In 2015, she contributed to a fundraising event in support of the Motion Picture & Television Fund, an organization that assists individuals in the film and television industries who have limited or no resources.

Lastly, in 2018, Stone collaborated with 300 women in Hollywood to establish the Time’s Up initiative, aiming to safeguard women against sexual harassment and discrimination.

Acting credits and awards

According to the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes and the box-office site Box Office Mojo, Stone’s most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films are Superbad (2007), Zombieland (2009), Easy A (2010), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), The Help (2011), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), Birdman (2014), La La Land (2016), Battle of the Sexes (2017), The Favourite (2018), Cruella (2021), and Poor Things (2023).Stone has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the following:

She has also been nominated for five British Academy Film Awards: BAFTA Rising Star Award, Best Supporting Actress for Birdman and The Favourite, and Best Actress in a Leading Role for La La Land Poor Things, winning for the last two.

Other awards for the film include Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards and Volpi Cup for Best Actress at Venice Film Festival.

Net Worth

Emma Stone stands at 5 feet 5 inches and has an estimated net worth of around $40 million due to her various successes in TV and film.

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