Peller Nigeria Tiktoker Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Education, Personal Life, Relationship and Career 2024

Peller Nigeria Tiktoker Biography: Age, Net Worth, Family, Height, Education, Personal Life, Relationship and Career 2024
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Peller is quickly gaining popularity on TikTok, showcasing a unique mix of Pidgin English and Yoruba in his content. His relatable videos resonate with Nigerians and his international audience, bringing joy to many.

Who is Peller?

Before delving into the details of Peller’s biography, have you ever pondered whether the name Peller is merely a nickname or if it holds a significant meaning.

Upon researching, I discovered that the name Peller translates to “Maker of Expensive Cloth,” which I found quite intriguing.

In this context, one could humorously refer to our Nigerian TikToker Peller as a “maker of expensive comedy.” Yes, that was intended as a light-hearted joke.

This article will cover all the essential information about Peller, the young Nigerian TikToker, including his biography, age, parents, and educational background.

Peller’s Real Name

Habeeb Hamzat is Peller’s real name, born on July 13, 2003, to Nigerian parents.

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As a comedian who has established himself on TikTok, Peller stands out among his peers due to his youth, humor, and authenticity.

With over 770k followers on TikTok and 220k followers on Instagram, Peller has successfully built a loyal fan base.

Beyond creating online content, Peller collaborates with other creators and engages in viral challenges.

Peller’s Ambassadorship

Peller has recently secured an ambassadorial agreement with Tavelgetter, a travel agency that specializes in offering services for studying, working, and tourism abroad.

Peller’s manager

Bosah Francis, also known as Bosa-Lee, currently serves as Peller’s manager. Bosa-Lee is the innovative founder of 023 Lee Media and Entertainment, dedicated to empowering and adding substantial value to Nigerian content creators.

023 Lee Media and Entertainment is a diverse company that focuses on talent management, branding strategies, and event production.

Peller’s Career

Throughout his career, Peller has had the opportunity to connect with numerous highly successful individuals in the Nigerian entertainment industry, including renowned Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, known for producing “Battle on Buka Street” and the billion-naira movie “A Tribe Called Judah.”

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Peller has also conducted numerous interviews with prominent figures such as Egungun of Lagos and Kuye Adegoke.

It is evident that more and more accomplished individuals are eager to engage with this young man who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of comedy and skit creation.

His TikTok account features a wealth of humorous content, with collaborations with other successful TikTokers, particularly A.I Javis, a popular Nigerian TikTok personality known for her exceptional A.I mimicry skills, captivating audiences with her robotic persona.

Peller’s Education Background

Despite his youth, Peller, the Nigerian TikToker, could potentially be enrolled in a higher education institution.

However, similar to many social media influencers, he chooses to maintain a level of privacy regarding personal information.

Peller has mentioned being a secondary school graduate in one of his content pieces, alongside A.I Jarvis.

Peller’s Net Worth

Estimating Peller’s net worth can be challenging due to his status as a young, up-and-coming star.

However, it is believed that his net worth is approximately $5,000, primarily stemming from his career as a TikTok content creator.


In addition to creating engaging content, Peller excels in interacting with his audience in a unique manner.

Whether through hosting lively live sessions with other successful TikTok personalities or addressing pertinent social media topics, he fosters a sense of community within his dedicated TikTok following.

As Peller navigates the competitive landscape of TikTok content creation, one can anticipate more moments of humor and authenticity from him.

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