TapSwap Price As Predicted By Crypto Expert By Calculating With Solana Current Exchange Rate

Hey TapSwappers.  I know you’ll have been waiting patiently for TapSwap to be launched this month’s end which is May 30th or 31st… We all are hoping for it as well…
TapSwap’s current update.. blocked some countries from accessing their bot mining site… But rest assured it’s now working fine on my end here…


Different sources online listed the price of TapSwap but.



If you’re facing any issues on trying to log in and to mine… Chill and check your internet connection… Restart your phone… Or use another ISP (Internet Service Provider). I’m very sure it will work.

You Can Checked Your How Much You’ve Made So Far On TapSwap By Using This link… TapSwap Price Overview


For Example: I’m currently have more that 50Million TapSwap mining bot… and when I converted it to Solana coin it gaves me almost.. $504k.. see the screenshot below 👇👇⬇️

which means if truly it’s the price.. I’m in money if I converted it to naira… with the current dollar to naira exchange rate.. 1500*504,000…

You too can check how much you can make through that… Link here TapSwap Price Overview.

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