Pastor Ezekiel Odero Biography: Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Age, Family , Height, Relationship 2024

Who is Pastor Ezekiel Odero? Why is he a famous pastor? What was he convicted of? Don’t worry if these are what you are looking for,  you are in the right place as here in this article you will get answers to all your questions. So, without wasting much of your time let’s get started!

Quick Bio 


Full Name  Ezekiel Odero 
Date of Birth  1972 
Place of Birth  Ngodhe Island west of Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria
Nationality  Kenyan 
Occupation  Pastor,  Televangelist 
Height/Weight  Not Available 
Religion  Christian 
Marital Status  Married 
Zodiac Sign  Not Available 
Net Worth  Sh1 billion

Early Life & Educational Background 

Not so much is known about the upbringing and early life of Pastor Ezekiel Odero. However,  we do know that he was born into a low-income family.  His parents were so poor that they barely could afford three square meals a day for every member of the family.  

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Ezekiel Odero was born in 1972 on Ngodhe Island west of Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria. He began his education at Ngodhe Island Primary School on Rusinga Island before he enrolled at Yeye Primary School. 

Ezekiel Odero further proceeded in his academic pursuit by attending Miwani High School in Chemelil, Kisumu County after he had completed his primary school education. He had his tertiary school education at Mombasa Polytechnic where he studied chemical processing technology.  

Personal Life 

While public claims are claiming Pastor Ezekiel Odero to be married with children, it’s important to proceed with caution due to the ongoing legal situation and limited potentially biased information available. 

For instance, some sources, including a article published in October 2023, state that Pastor Odero is married to “Pastor Sarah Odero” and has three children (two biological and one adopted). 

However, the credibility of this information is difficult to assess, especially considering the legal proceedings against him. According to the article, it is stated that Pastor Odero met his wife in Mombasa when he was working as a mason.  

Despite building a romantic relationship with his lover Sarah, Ezekiel’s family wasn’t in support of his love affair as they considered Sarah uneducated since she was a school dropout. However, Ezekiel stood his ground despite his family’s disapproval, and today both couples live in Mavueni. 


Pastor Ezekiel Odero is a Kenyan televangelist and the head of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church based in Kilifi County. He was born in 1972 and gained popularity for attracting large crowds to his church and public meetings. 

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At one event in 2022, it’s rumored that over 100,000 people attended. However, in April 2023, he became linked to a religious cult in Malindi led by Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, which was implicated in over 110 deaths and mass starvation. 

Odero was arrested and his church shut down, though he maintains his innocence. The Kenyan government also deregistered his church in August 2023. However, his case remains under investigation, and his future as a religious leader in Kenya is uncertain. 

Legal Controversies 

On April 26, 2023, it was confirmed that Odero was connected to the Malindi cult and its leader, Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, following over 110 killings and mass starvation in the same month by the cult. 

Meanwhile, by April 30, the Kenya Red Cross Society reported that more than 400 people were missing. Subsequently, Odero was arrested on April 27, and his church was closed following the allegations.  

The Kenyan minister of the interior revealed that over 100 people had been in his church but were evacuated. On April 28, Odero was charged with mass killings, and the police requested 30 more days for investigations. 

He will be in custody until May 2 when the court decides on bail. According to Kenyan authorities, Odero has a private morgue, and some followers may have been buried in shallow graves near his church. 

During morgue investigations, police found that church officials dropped bodies there without accounting for their whereabouts. On April 29, 2023, Odero admitted that at least 15 people died in his church, claiming they were sick people seeking prayers through his lawyers.

Net Worth 

Africa as a whole is a home to some of the richest pastors in the world and Pastor Ezekiel Odero is not an exception. Determining Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s precise net worth is tricky, as he hasn’t officially disclosed it to the general public. 

However, various sources paint a picture of immense wealth. Some sources estimate it to be over Sh1 billion, likely due to his expansive New Life Church ventures which is yet to be confirmed as true.  

He owns luxurious properties, and a 65-acre project, and reportedly sells religious merchandise like “anointing oil” for profit. While controversies surround his financial practices, one thing’s clear: Pastor Ezekiel Odero lives a life dripping with opulent riches.

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